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ENXSA is an energy enterprise engaged with
and acting on the behalf of the leading private
and publicly traded energy companies. Foremost,
we work with sovereign wealth funds, hedge
funds, prime banks, investment firms, and
investors, in order to capitalise on projects.

We are a determined consortium of energy
resource experts. Our objectives are to
achieve a presence in the global energy
markets. We are destined for rapid growth,
driven by specific levels of activity in minimal
risk ventures allowing us to capture a viable
and sustainable segment of the energy market.

ENXSA optimises every facet of the energy
resourcesvalue chain, from production to
hedged supplies. We ensure reliability in
providing supplies by securing production
from proven reserves and. We undertake
our clients objectives by creating value.

ENXSA embraces the entire gamut of energy.
A unique combination of commitment to our
core business principles, expertise, and social
responsibilities with a proactive approach,
identifying the scope of each and every
project on a lucrative basis.

Every division features professional teams of experts dedicated to their specialisation of energy. Engineers, technical consultants, traders, logistics support, financial experts and public relations personnel. We are all dedicated to maintaining vital relationships with the governmental agencies and Ministers of Energy. Allowing us to position ourselves to maintain relationships with the decision makers of the governments and the financial sphere. This in turn enables us to conduct influential motives based on political & monetary policies.

ENXSA formulates proposals based on
interpretations of strategic consensus.
The elucidation of economics are formulated
into essential arrangements for comprehensive
plans to secure production.

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