Fuels are the largest single volume refined product sold in the world and accounts for more than half of the international oil consumption. It is a highly diverse market, with thousands of wholesale distributors and millions of retail outlets, allowing an open market share.

Contracts for fuels are available in trade units of minimum of 5,000 MT. Pricing is based on delivery of fuel products at specified harbour terminals and according to either FCA or FOB benchmarks.

The compositions and availability of supply can vary from refineries. Fuel contract processing specifications can vary according to feedstock and the final throughput in the levels of sulphur, in particular oxygenated fuels, which are now required in many areas for controlling emissions according to season. With the ongoing phaseout of the oxygenate methyl MTBE, we are shifting towards ethanol processing. RBOB conforms to industry standards for reformulated regular gasoline blendstock.

ENXSA fuels originate from refineries in Russia, Europe, Central Asia, Persian Gulf, Latin America, and North America.


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